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Amiga Island Ecological Foundation

The Amiga Island Ecological Foundation (AIEF) is a Haitian based non-profit focused on conservation, education and outreach. We work to actively restore local reefs and protect endangered species in order to improve livelihoods and preserve wild places in Haiti.

The Problem

On many reefs more than 90% of Staghorn and Elkhorn coral have been lost in the Caribbean since 1980. Find out what’s threatening these critical marine habitat and endangered species here in Haiti.

The Solution

AIEF endeavours to preserve local endangered species and promote the responsible, community based management of environmental resources so they can be sustained for future generations. Find out how we restore local ecosystems, engage communities, and advocate for marine conservation.

Ecosystem Restoration

Marine Conservation

Community Education

What We Do

Protecting Critically Endangered species and collaborating with local communities is one of the many benefits of our coral restoration project. Find out how our active conservation approach creates a long-term positive impact to reef biodiversity, ecosystem services, and livelihoods. Check out the scientifically proven methods we use to grow our Coral Gardens.

Restoration & Research

Education & Outreach

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